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Lil'Alijo's Banana Pudding

Lil'Alijo's Banana Pudding

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Puddin’s Banana Pudding

This bomb ass banana recipe originates from the owner Alisha and now to share with the you! Made from the best ingredients. One of the seller’s favorites!

  • Classic (Vanilla Wafers, Chessman & Biscoff)
  • Oreo Banana Pudding (Oreos)
  • Ube Banana Pudding (Oreo Cookies, Ube Cookies, Pretzels & Ube Pudding)
  • Butterfinger (Butterfingers, Biscoff & Vanilla Wafers)
  • Strawberry Crunch (Strawberry Crunch & Strawberry Cake) SEASONAL 
  • Red Velvet ( Red Velvet Cake & Shortbread Cookies) LIMITED EDITION  
  • Contains: bananas, milk, homemade whipped cream, & sweetened condensed milk.
  • Our pudding comes in a "Lil'Alijo" 16oz pint signature cups.

Allergy statement: This product contains milk, dairy and bananas. Pudding is made on equipment that uses nuts, flour, bananas and dairy.

This item is made to order please allow 24hrs for order processing.

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