Creamy Tusan Chicken Pasta

Seared creole seasoned chicken breast in white wine sauce with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh baby spinach and herbs & spices.


Jambalaya Pasta

Linguini Fini tossed in spicy cajun sauce with blackened chicken & shrimp, andouille sausage and Tasso ham. Topped with scallions.


Vodka Pasta Fusilli

Homemade vodka sauce with fusilli pasta topped with parmesan and basil.


Cacio E Pepe

Pecorino Romano & fresh cracked black pepper.


Classic Parmesan Risotto

Arborio rice, butter, onion, white wine, chicken stock & parmesan cheese.


Lobster & King Crab Risotto

Arborio rice, butter, onion, white wine, seafood stock & parmesan cheese.


Wild Shrimp Risotto

Argentine red shrimp, arborio rice, butter, onion, seafood stock, white wine, & parmesan cheese.


Lobster & Wild Shrimp Israelian (Pearl) Couscous

Israeli-an (Pearl) Couscous butter, onion, white wine, seafood stock & parmesan cheese.


Creamy Lemon Pappardelle

Fresh squeezed lemon juice, lemon zest, heavy cream & fresh pappardelle pasta.


Lasagna Bolognese 

Ground chuck, ground pork, crushed tomatoes, carrots, onions & marinara. Layered with cheese & fresh pasta.


Seafood Lasagna Roll Ups

Signature cream sauce or creamy jerk sauce, fresh spinach, mozzarella, parmesan stuffed pasta. Salmon & shrimp or chicken.


Pomodoro Pasta

Fresh San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil & garlic made with spaghetti pasta.



Linguine Clams & White Wine Sauce

White wine, linguine, red pepper flakes, olive oil, littleneck clam.


Sage Butter

Fresh sage sautéed in butter with light cream, grated parmesan & fresh angel hair pasta.


Pappardelle Alexandra 

Pappardelle pasta with pancetta, crab meat in a vodka tomato cream sauce.


Crawfish Monica 

Crawfish Monica is a Louisiana food tradition. Organic fusilli pasta, crawfish tail meat, onion, garlic, creole & cajun seasoning, heavy cream, wine, spices and butter.


Garlic Noodles

Signature garlic marinated egg noodles topped with grated parmesan.


Five Cheese Mac & Cheese

Signature baked macaroni & cheese.


Rasta Pasta 

Creole-Caribbean cream sauce with coconut milk, tri-color bell peppers with jerk chicken breast, prawns, crawfish or salmon.


Shrimp Scampi Pasta

Wild Argentine Red shrimp, fresh parsley, spices in our signature white wine butter sauce topped with parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs.


Fresh Dungeness Crab Pasta

Fresh cracked Dungeness crab, organic spaghetti, fresh herbs and spices in our signature white wine cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese.


Lila’s Lobster Pasta•

Organic spaghetti with fresh herbs, white wine, tomato cream sauce, lobster claws & wild Argentine red shrimp, king crab, U-10 shrimp topped with parmesan cheese. 


Louisiana Mardi Gras Pasta

House-made cajun cream sauce with salmon, andouille sausage, crawfish & gulf shrimp. Topped with crab & parmesan cheese.


Cajun Pasta

Homemade cajun cream sauce with grilled blackened chicken breast, andouille sausage & wild gulf shrimp.



24 Hr Spaghetti Bolognese

Ground chuck, ground pork, crushed tomatoes, carrots, onions, marinara sauce, red wine & fresh spaghetti.


Short Rib Bolognese Pappardelle

Seared then braised short ribs for 6 hours in red wine, crush tomatoes, carrots, onions, marinara & fresh pappardelle.


Summer Pasta Salad (Cold)

Fusilli or rotini pasta, cherry tomato, red onion, fresh corn, bell peppers, olives  zucchini, banana peppers and fresh mini mozzarella & homemade dressing.


Caprese Pasta Salad (Cold)

Fresh mini mozzarella, fresh basil & fresh San Marzano tomatoes.


: Only Available For Private Dining.