Jerk Fried Salmon

Homemade wet and dry jerk seasoning marinated salmon then deep fried.


Whole Baked Chicken

Classic whole chicken seasoned with our signature citrus seasoning & marinate. 


Airline Chicken

Classic airline chicken seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, Herbes De Provence, and cayenne pepper.


Creamy Tusan Chicken

Seared creole seasoned chicken breast in white wine sauce with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh baby spinach and herbs & spices.


Double Cut Smoked Pork Chop  

Double cut smoked pork chop with sweet & sour cabbage, pomme purée drenched in rye whiskey gastrique & pickled mustard seeds.


Shrimp & Crawfish Étouffée •   

Classic Louisiana dish with a buttery, rich roux with crawfish tails, shrimps & cajun herbs & spices.


Fried Crawfish & Crawfish Étouffée • 

Classic Louisiana dish with a buttery, rich roux with crawfish tails, & cajun herbs & spices topped with fried crawfish.


Classic Crawfish Étouffée • 

Classic Louisiana dish with a buttery, rich roux with crawfish tails, & cajun herbs & spices.


Shrimp & Lump Crab • 

Shrimp & lump crab with butter cream sauce over fresh fish of the day.


Cajun Seafood Boil 

Dungeness Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, King Crab, Mussels, Clams, & Crawfish. Made with cajun butter sauce, potatoes & corn.


Stuffed Cornish Hens

Cajun butter Cornish Hens stuffed with sweet buttery cornbread with shrimp.


Crab Stuffed Cornish Hens

Cajun butter Cornish Hens stuffed with lump crab & shrimp.


Chicken Parmigiana

Breaded chicken breast covered in marinara sauce, mozzarella & parmesan.


Fried Jerk Chicken

Homemade wet and dry jerk seasoning marinated, smoked & deep fried chicken whole, quarters, breast or wings.


Buttermilk Cornmeal Fried 

Buttermilk cajun marinated Red Snapper, Catfish or Prawns coated in cornmeal deep fried.


Beef Bourguignon 

Beef stew braised in red wine, beef stock, carrots, onions, garlic, mushroom, bacon & garnished with pearl onions.


Whole Honey Brown Sugar Molasses Ham

Sliced ham baked with molasses.  


Baked | Fried Cornish Hens 

Cajun butter, blackened or chipotle rub.


Blackened Salmon | Shrimp | Chicken Breast

Homemade Blackening seasoning & sautéed in butter. 


Spinach & Garlic Herb Cheese Stuffed 

Herb & garlic cheese stuffed in Chicken Breast, Cornish Hen or Salmon.


New Orleans Garlic Butter BBQ Shrimp

Gulf shrimp sautéed Worcestershire garlic butter sauce.


Candy Glazed Chicken Lollipops 

Fried drumsticks with homemade signature candy sauce. 


Jamaican Brown Stew

A spicy stew cooked in browning with scotch bonnet, herbs & spices simmered until tender. Made with chicken, turkey wings or white fish.


Southern Baked Turkey Wings

Turkey wings slow cooked with or without gravy.


Southern Beef Pot Roast

Chuck roast slow cooked with delicious homemade gravy, onions & carrots.


Brown Sugar Honey Garlic Salmon

Salmon seared & baked in topped with brown sugar & honey.


Pork Tenderloin | Pork Cheeks

Marinated seared pork topped with signature candy glaze or asian bbq glaze.


Crispy Pork Belly

Roasted pork belly.


Southern Stewed Chicken | Pork Chops

Chicken or Pork Chops slow cooked in gravy.


Chicken | Carnitas Enchiladas 

Flour or corn tortilla rolled in filling & covered with homemade salsa verde & Monterey jack cheese.



Classic Puerto Rican dish made with layers of thinly-sliced plantains, ground beef, and cheese! Think of it as a Puerto Rican version of lasagna.


Hanger Steak

Marinated seared hanger steak.


Bavette Steak

Seared and topped with homemade chimichurri sauce.


Ecsovitch Red Snapper  

Seasoned whole red snapper fish, deep fried and topped with onions and bell peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, and vinegar.



Black Cod Miso • 

Miso marinated black cod.


Ecsovitch Fried Lobster  

Seasoned whole lobster, deep fried and topped with onions, scotch bonnet pepper, and cane vinegar.


King Salmon Alexander • 

Seared cajun salmon, gulf shrimp & scallops topped with crawfish étouffée cajun over rice.


Maine Lobster or Alaskan King Crab

Garlic butter & herbs.


Filet Oscar   

Filet topped with asparagus, crab & lobster topped with cajun cream sauce.


Ribeye Medallions 

Ribeye cap steaks marinated & charred. Topped with garlic butter & herbs.


Roasted Garlic Tiger Prawns

Famous garlic butter tiger prawns.


Roasted Garlic Dungeness Crab | King Crab

Famous garlic butter crab.


Wine Braised Short Ribs • 

Seared short ribs braised in red wine, garlic, broth & herbs.


Hawaiian Marinated, Balsamic Glaze, Garlic & Herb or Guava Glazed Lamb Chops

Signature Côtes d’agneau (Lamb Chops). Marinated in our signature candy glazes or garlic and herbs.


Braised Lamb Shank 

Lamb shank seared and braised in red wine and herbs until tender.


Seared Duck Breast • 

Seared duck breast with orange/cherry-habanero sauce or hot honey garlic sauce.


Duck Confit Wings

Shallots, sugar, salt, pepper, garlic, duck fat & thyme.


21 Day Aged Beef Tenderloin • 

Filet Mignon cooked to preference with garlic & herbs.


Grilled Branzino • 

Grilled whole bass fish stuffed with herbs, butter, lemon, olive oil & garlic. 


Crab Stuffed Salmon • 

Salmon stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat and topped with cajun cream sauce.


Summer Salmon

Chili rubbed grilled salmon topped with fried corn & red/yellow potatoes. 


Caribbean Oxtails

Stewed oxtails using signature wet & dry seasoning blend.


Braised Oxtails & Gravy

Oxtails braised then slow roasted in gravy until tender.


Seared Brown Butter Scallops • 

Scallops seared in brown butter & topped with truffle salt, garlic & lemon zest.


Australian Wagyu 

Seared steak with garlic & fresh herbs.


Reserve Seared 21 | 45 | 69 | 100 Day Aged (Cooked to Preference)  

(Tomahawk, Porterhouse, Côte de Boeuf (Bone-in Ribeye), 

Entrecôte (Boneless Ribeye), or New York Strip.



Hawaiian Marinated Ribeye

Marinated ribeye cooked on an open fire.


Lechon Cubano

Lechon asado pork marinated in a mojo.


Mexican Street Sweet Corn

Sautéed in garlic, butter and topped with cotija cheese cilantro.


Smoked Spareribs | Baby Back Ribs

Famous house-made rub smoked wood fire ribs.


Cedar Smoked Salmon

Cedar plank marinated salmon.


Jerk Chicken 

Homemade wet and dry jerk seasoning marinated chicken whole, quarters, breast or wings.


Pernil Smoked Pork Shoulder

House marinated Puerto Rican pork shoulder smoked.


Smoked Brisket

Famous house-made rub smoked wood fire brisket.


Smoked Tri-Tip

Famous house-made rub smoked wood fire tri-tip.


21 | 45 | 69 | 100 Day Aged (Cooked to Preference)  

Tomahawk, Porterhouse, Côte de Boeuf (Bone-in Ribeye) , Entrecôte (Boneless Ribeye ),Filet Mignon or New York Strip.


Spatchcock Chicken

Chicken split open and grilled.


   : Only Available For Private Dining.